Microfiber Beauty Sponge

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If you're looking for a more natural, airbrushed foundation finish the Bello Beauty Microfiber Sponge is your go-to. Made with microfiber bristles and a slanted edge for controlled stippling, the Bello Microfiber Sponge provides buildable coverage, fast.


  • Dual Layer Technology -- Microfiber materials and traditional antimicrobial makeup blenders work together¬†to give you the perfect blend. every. single. time!
  • Anti-microbial Microfiber Material -- The ultra-soft, non-abrasive microfiber material is made with very small fibers that are smaller than a strand of silk and hold onto any liquid product!
  • Unique Design -- Rounded sides to blend large areas of the face and the pointy side for contouring around the eyes and nose.
  • Wet or Dry -- Can be used effortlessly to apply loose powders, blush, highlighters, liquid foundations, concealers, contouring.
  • For best results replace the makeup sponge every 1-3 months.

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